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Psychic Reading,

Chakra Energy Stabilization,

Cerebral Hemisphere Balancing,

Specific Energy Focusing, 

Biomagnetic Pain Control  


 Ervin is available for Psychic Readings by Phone or in person.

Readings are available to meet your individual needs or

circumstances.  Ervin also provides group lectures with

personalized readings after the lecture.

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Ervin’s personal psychic story 


The psychic journey began very unexpectedly when Ervin was a seventeen year old teenager in high school. He enjoyed sports, especially baseball and football.

While playing catcher during a baseball game his world was changed forever.  Severely injured while protecting home plate, his face was shattered beyond recognition, and survival was hanging in the balance by a thread.

Ervin was transported to four different clinics and hospitals before a reconstruction surgeon was found.  Ervin’s senior high school picture was used as a reference to shape his face.

The first surgery went well, however the second surgery a week later was life altering. While recovering from surgery, Ervin began to strangle, and found himself above the bed and looking down from the ceiling. He had a clear view of all the activity and was amazed how many medical personnel surrounded his bed and body. He could hear all the conversations and noise, plus screams by present family members.

Ervin had a feeling of peace, was pain free, and did not see any reason to go back into his body.

Since God was in charge, there was no choice. It wasn’t time for him to leave this life. This situation did not go along with the Sunday School and Church teachings of his youth. The very thought that something like this could happen was not in the realm of his thinking. He was afraid to tell anyone of this experience for fear of ridicule and embarrassment. 

Ervin’s adult years were a time for maturing, and understanding of the special privilege given to him by God. He developed an ability to see things concerning people and events that shocked those who knew him. Most eventually accepted the fact he was different, and would ask his opinion about past, present, and future events.  

Ervin’s patients were helped from the technique and healing information gifted to him from God. This gift began after his near death experience, increased as he grew older, and is now a part of his daily life. It has brought him the opportunity to help clients understand the physical, spiritual, and emotional dynamics of life through psychic readings. 




Personal relationships, health, and finance are important to all of us.

You can get your psychic reading by phone just as you would in person.

Ervin is honest and trustworthy, and will give you a reading that will leave you thrilled.

Never ask a question you don’t want answered, as Ervin does not restrict what God says.